Mounting-System LORENZ® trapeo
Universally quick to install.

“My trapeze artist for shed roofs. Because LORENZ® trapeo is more practical, flexible and simpler than any system that has gone before.”

Trapezoidal roofs need simple, flexible mounting systems.
Our solution is just 40 cms long.

With LORENZ® trapeo immediately recognised the solar industry’s need for a simple mounting system that can be used on trapezoidal roofs – and reacted appropriately.

Using pre-assembled kits, mounting is almost child’s play: position the 40cm long, pre-drilled aluminium rail sections and tighten the screws by hand, click the tried and tested LORENZ®-clamp into place, lay on the module and tighten the screws. Sounds quick and easy? Well that’s because it is. Within a few minutes, the LORENZ® trapeo can be installed on your shed roof and has already been registered and approved for use in construction.

And if that isn’t enough, the new solution is suitable for all roof pitches up to 60° and can be used with all the most popular framed modules.




Pre-assembled mounting kits make it possible to install the LORENZ® trapeo quickly and with minimal handling.

An overview of the advantages

  • Pre-assembled and extremely practical mounting kits with no need for on-site processing
  • Guarantee that the roof is watertight through the use of surface mounted EPDM seals
  • Cables integrated into the rails or attached using
    an optional cable clip
  • Total legal compliance and materials that have been tried and tested (10 year guarantee)
  • Optimal price: performance ratio