Mounting System LORENZ® solo
Safe yet simple.

“Good things come to those who wait.”

“Why did I chose the LORENZ® solo mounting system? Because it is simple yet special. You can tell just by looking at it.”

Choosing a mounting system is like building a house. You want it to last forever.

You have big plans: you want to install your own photovoltaic system on the roof. Just aswhen building a house, safety, stability and longevity are of the utmost importance.

Our single layer system, LORENZ® solo, requires few components and yet offers the perfect solution for almost every roof surface in each region. Aluminium and high quality steel helps provide increased stability and durability. The optimal distribution of weight across the module frame and uniform loading of your roof trusses make this cost-effective mounting system the ideal base for your photovoltaic system.

System solution. The LORENZ® concept.

In order to develop a mounting system that is as reliable as it is flexible, we did not design LORENZ® as a collection of individual parts, but as a complete system. This approach provides maximal safety whilst helping to avoid any lack of clarity when it comes to liability issues. As the developer of the LORENZdesigner planning software for installers, we are able to offer the first mounting system on the market to have project-specific static calculations.

Each part, a work of art. The LORENZ components.

The determining factor when it comes to the quality and safety of LORENZ® solo is above all the selection of individual components, best suited for the project in question. This not only enables you to benefit from rapid mounting but also from the reliablility of the construction.

In cooperation with the RWTH University in Aachen, we have put our mounting system through countless stress tests. The outcome: the entire system is VDE safety certified by TÜV Rheinland and has achieved the RAL solar quality mark. We know, however, that when it comes to safety, actions speak louder than words. Futhermore we give you more than our word: you have a 10 year product guarantee.

The LORENZ® components in detaill.

  • Stützwinkel Protection against possible overloading of the roof battens:
    Support brackets.
  • Dachhaken Four times the normal load-bearing capacity of traditional roof hooks:
    The LORENZ® roof hook.
  • Multikopf Ideal for levelling uneven roof surfaces:
    The multi-head.
  • Hohlkammerprofil High load bearing capacity but low in weight:
    The hollow chamber rail.

One system suits everyone. The benefits of LORENZ® solo.

  • Single layer mounting system
  • Suitable for all wind and snow regions
  • Extremely stable
  • Quality tested
  • Highly economical
  • Very long lifespan
  • Efficient installation
  • 10 year guarantee