Mounting-System LORENZ® aero12
Aerodynamic, simple, quick.

“LORENZ® aero12 –
Your efficient and safe flat roof solution, based on a complete system”.

Setting new standards for mounting systems designed for flat roofs.

The modular mounting system LORENZ® aero12 is unique in its simplicity when mounting, transporting and planning. Without the need to penetrate the roof, the system can be mounted quickly and easily using the building block concept. Pre-assembled components, such as the new folding supports, require minimal handling when fitting and ensure a problem-free installation. And what’s more, it is easy to adjust on site should the requirements change.

LORENZ® aero designer –
Perfect planning for the LORENZ® aero12 mounting system.

The planning software developed specifically for LORENZ® aero12 not only ensures that you automatically make the best use of the space available, but it also takes into account any obstacles and you may encounter shadowing at different times of the year. The customer receives – ideally within seconds – a quick offer, a system layout and detailed ballast design. The LORENZ® aero designer can be downloaded free of charge by customers.

Free download here!

LORENZ® aero 12. The system with in-built cost saving measures.

The folding supports.

The LORENZ® aero12 folding supports are easy to transport and mount on site,
therefore reducing labour requirements and costs considerably.

An overview of the advantages:

  • Simpler planning
  • Reduced logistics costs
  • Modular construction
  • Uncomplicated and cheaper mounting as a result
  • Flexibility in the event of on-site planning changes
  • Pre-fabricated components, no need to cut rails to size
  • Rapid preparation of quotes, plans and ballast designs using the system-specific, free-of-charge software, LORENZ® aero designer