LORENZ®. Safe mounting systems for solar installations. Solutions based on a real understanding of roofs.

“Safety takes precedence”

“For me, safety in the home is of extreme importance. The developers of LORENZ® seem to think the same way: safe planning, safe mounting, safe system. I was immediately convinced.”

Safety is foremost on our agenda. Planning.

Completely unique to the LORENZ® system: LORENZdesigner. Using this software, your installer is able to produce a project-specific mounting plan and a full structural report just for you. This way, LORENZdesigner not only takes care of safety. But it also ensures legal compliance and makes it easier to agree lower insurance costs.

They last and last and last. The system components.

The LORENZ® mounting system is flexible, well designed and above all else: exceptionally safe. Of course, the safety principle plays a key role in all components making up the LORENZ®system. From support brackets and roof hooks to multi-heads, rails and clamps: all these elements meet the highest material requirements, are suitable for use in conjunction with one another and have been repeatedly tested and certified TÜV and VDE.

Financial security too. Safety through calculations.

The secure investment looking into the future: thanks to our LORENZdesigner software, your installer can calculate today what your photovoltaic system will yield in financial terms. You have transparency and visibility showing what the system will cost to build and howprofitable it will be.

We know what we are doing. The LORENZ® guarantee.

Not just the RAL Solar award and approval from European quality controllers TÜV and VDE are testimony to the safety of the LORENZ® system. We also provide proof: a 10 year guarantee for the installed system and all construction components.