LORENZ®. Safe mounting systems for solar installations.Solutions based on a real understanding of roofs.

“Experts, with an understanding of roofs.”

“Any material which is intended to be used on the roof must be able to withstand a lot of wind and all kinds of weather. That’s why I was pleased that I could rely on decades of experience with Energiebau, the manufacturer of LORENZ®

Stronger than the sum of its parts: The roof hook assembly.

LORENZ® roof hooks were developed in cooperation with the Cologne University of Applied Sciences, using the very latest methods. Plainly speaking, there are three elements to them: a support bracket, a base plate and a jig.

Stress tests and strength analysis enabled us to optimise the construction and remove any risk of overloading. The outcome: a roof hook with exceptional stability, certified as safe by an independent test house. What’s more: comparative tests revealed that there is only one other roof hook on the market that performs as well as the LORENZ® roof hook. Thanks to our innovative, stabilising “support bracket”, we were able to differentiate ourselves even from this competitor.


Small part. Big impact: The support bracket.

An innovation exclusive to the LORENZ®mounting system and something of which we have taken a lot of pride in. The use of a support bracket between batten and base plate provides stability, leads to a significant increase in the load-bearing capacity of the roof hook and a 40% improvement in what was already an excellent deformation result.


Using our heads to develop solutions. The multi-head.

The multi-head is another key component of the LORENZ® system, a development that has “clicked” in more ways than one: the stable multi-head makes it possible to level even the most uneven roof surfaces by adjusting the height as required in two different directions. And yes it really does make a clicking noise, precisely when the installer fixes the rail securely into place.


A range of solutions. Rails and rail connectors.

Different types of LORENZ® rails are available, enabling you to select the best rail for each application. Together they perform better: thanks to the use of a high quality aluminium alloy, they have exceptional load-bearing capacity despite their minimal weight, and due to their hollow profile, they excel in frost resistance.

Safety and system performance were also considered when developing our rail connectors. They are pushed into the rails, simply fixed into place with two screws and are able to support the same load as the rails themselves.


The key to finishing work early: LORENZ® hanger bolts

Every minute counts when you are on a construction site. That’s why the new LORENZ® hanger bolts have been designed for safe and rapid mounting with innovative sealing technology and a new multi-head which can be tightened manually. A special thread geometry makes it possible to fit without drilling. The innovative gasket engages simply when pushed into place. The new multi-head can easily be tightened manually. Even the rails are fitted using a simple clicking function.


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LORENZ® slate roof fixtures – the intelligent solution for slate and shingle roofs

The LORENZ® slate roof fixtures do not only provide for simple, safe mounting, but also enhance the high quality finish. The connectors are unique: the slates no longer have to be covered ensuring breakages are avoided and mounting time is reduced considerably. They are suitable for use with all two layered mounting systems including LORENZ® eco and LORENZ® plus.

Further information :
Brochure in PDF format